(Recorded on September 2, 2012)

Gordon Pepper and Chico Alexander bring aboard Jason Block for the second edition of this fun show which gained many listeners last time around. On this episode, they’ll talk about how they feel about The Pyramid, what’s going on in the semifinals of America’s Got Talent, Big Brother, and they’ll ask 5 Good Questions on the new season of Millionaire, run through Brainvision News, and pay tribute to original UK Family Fortunes host Max Bygraves.

Then they’ll welcome in fellow game show fan and expert DJ Josh Yawn to ask him 20 Questions, and after that, Jim Williams comes on board to play a game of Push or Flush.

To get a crash course on what exactly WLTI is, go to their section on GSNN at http://www.gameshownewsnet.com/wlti/

To find out information on Josh’s activities, please visit his websites: JoshYawn.com, DJ Crash Course, and his new book, Hosting for DJ’s.

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