WLTI Bonus Point #2 – It’s A Simple Game

Written by: Dino “Chico” Alexander

It’s a simple game, really. Here’s one thing. You can keep it or trade for a mystery item which may or may not be worth more than the thing you are currently holding. Repeat as necessary until one of two things happens: you are left with a game-winning larger thing or a game-losing worthless thing.

Not only is it a simple game, but it is one that the best and worst of us play on a day-to-day basis. Do I have the bacon sandwich for breakfast or try the oatmeal I swore off a long time ago? Do I keep a well-paying but ultimately toxic job or venture out into uncharted career waters? Do I live my life admiring from afar or take a chance and risk heartbreak?

And I bet you didn’t even know you were playing it until I brought it up.

Now consider this. That game, a game we have all played at one time or another, is given a trial as a basis for a game show by two enterprising fellows, one of which is tapped to be its host.

What if that one host, a Canadian by the name of Monte Halperin, not changed his persona to the fast-talking Monty Hall?

What if Hall was not as dedicated to his craft as he could have been?

What if he had zero chemistry with the quick-on-the-draw Jay Stewart or the silent beauty Carol Merrill?

What if their successors — the multi-faceted Wayne Brady, the quick-witted Jonathan Mangum, and the bubbly Tiffany Coyne — were not so?

What if no one received the show or “got it” to the point that that one person put together a costume and brought a sign just to get Monty’s attention?

What if NBC, ABC, or CBS passed up on this particular deal for something else?

Then perhaps we wouldn’t be here for the next couple of weeks celebrating 50 years of a simple game.


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