Billboard Breakdown #1 – Debut!


Written by: Robert Q. Seidelman

March 31st – April 6th, 2013

Hello everyone. Welcome to a brand new column for called the Billboard Breakdown. Although my tastes in music changed a lot over the past couple of years, I’ve started to enjoy more modern music. I’ve also been following the Billboard charts lately, especially the Hot 100. So, every week, I’ll be giving you my thoughts on the weekly top 10. Let’s start the list right now.

#10: I Knew You Were Trouble – Taylor Swift (Last Week: 7 Total Weeks on the top 100: 23)

This will be Taylor Swift’s last week on the top 10, unless it gets a boost in YouTube views or singles purchases, although a 4 to 5 month run in the top 10 is amazing. While not a song I particularly care for, it is a catchy song and continues Taylor Swift’s emergence from country star to all around pop star.

#9: Love Me – Lil’ Wayne Feat. Drake and Future (Last Week: 10 Total Weeks on the top 100: 10)

I like Drake as a solo act.