CLW83 Special Presentation: The Radio Racket 7 1/4 Year Reunion Special


(Recorded live on July 28-29, 2013)

Before joining CLW83, Jim Williams was a listener and frequent contributor to a Philadelphia-based internet radio show called “The Radio Racket”. “The Racket” which ran from 2006-2009 was hosted by George Brusstar, Kyle Wilson and Jeff Ryan and dealt with all things radio on a local and national level. After 4 and a half years, George, Kyle and Jeff got together for one last broadcast. Courtesy of, we proudly present “The Radio Racket 7 1/4 Year Reunion” featuring the unedited, uncensored live show in podcast form accompanied by special opening and closing remarks from former “Racketeer” and current CLW83 personality Jim Williams.

Listen to this special presentation RIGHT HERE!