North American Wrestling Connection presented by #307

(Recorded on January 17, 2014)

Host Nikki Heyman and panelists Forth, Ethan Musulin and Brian Henegar take time out to reflect on the passing of Mae Young in the opening few minutes of this week’s podcast.

Also, the Ultimate Warrior is heading for the Hall, a look back at Daniel Bryan making the internet rejoice by breaking his pact with the Wyatts, CM Punk rising up against the Authority, John Cena’s dad making a cameo and selling moves better than his son, and the “investor” angle involving the American Wolves in TNA.

And speaking of TNA, Jim Williams breaks in with news of a “smark” fan (name changed to protect the idiotic) who has started an Indiegogo campaign with the intention of buying TNA Wrestling.

All that and more on this week’s informative and entertaining wrestling podcast. Listen to it right NOW!