North American Wrestling Connection presented by #314

(Recorded on March 7, 2014)

Nikki Heyman alongside Shane “Bad News” Beaman, “VRM” and “Forth” recap a little three hour show in Chicago from Monday night. You know…the one where CM Punk didn’t show up and Daniel Bryan ended the night looking up at the Allstate Arena lights. We’ll recap the failed #HijackRAW movement and the events of this past Monday and so much more including “Main Event” going live on WWE Network, WWE stock hitting a new record high, a look at TNA Lockdown and how Kurt Angle will be MIA from TNA for the forseeable future and yes, we will talk about how a former American Male can be your part-time lover. Plus, Jason Block also shows up to discuss some comments he made on our #Hijack RAW NAWC special and we have an update on a delusional fan’s indiegogo campaign to buy TNA. So, lend an ear and tell all your wrestling buddies to lend their ears too by clicking HERE.