North American Wrestling Connection presented by #321

(Recorded on April 25, 2014)

Jim Williams serves as guest host for this week’s podcast due to Nikki Heyman shouting to the mountaintop about how her dear Uncle Paul’s client ended the streak one too many times. He’s joined by Jason Block, Shane “Bad News” Beaman and “Forth” to review how creative handled the untimely passing of Daniel Bryan’s father while keeping continuity in place for Extreme Rules, how Paul Heyman channeled his inner CM Punk to remind you of what Brock Lesnar did at ‘Mania, some interesting data regarding just how popular the WWE Network is on the interwebs, TNA losing one of its originals but gaining the services of a talent agency, how the demise of Extreme Rules should be a cautionary tale for others to follow (HINT: Let “Extreme” wrestling be left to the days of yore) and how DDP ripped Nancy Grace a new one on the Opie & Anthony Post Show with Sam Roberts. All that and more can be heard HERE.