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Written by: Nikki Heyman

“The Shield: United they Stood, Divided they’ll Conquer”

I’ll admit to being heavily biased when it came to the shield. Dean Ambrose alone had my attention, but over the course of their run I saw what others saw in Seth Rollins and what the WWE might see in Roman Reigns. This group was built to be an unstoppable force as a team, and they weathered one teased breakup just before Mania.

When Seth Rollins slammed Reigns with a chair, the look on Ambrose’s face was our look. What the hell, hero(es)? The “Plan B” of the EVIL BOSS DR LEVESQUE now allows these strongly built characters to go their separate ways without leaving us a “Janetty”. They walk away from the team on equal footing and all three have massive upsides thanks to how they have been built in their time together.

Rollins: I’ll start with him since he was the proclaimed “Architect” of the Shield, the one who held it together then smashed it to pieces. Why, Seth, Why? The high-flyer and tactician of the Shield knows where his bread is ultimately buttered. A proper monetary/roster placement deal from the EVIL BOSS DR LEVESQUE is hard to turn down, especially if the alternatives are, well, “terminal”. From here, Rollins no longer has to fear the wrath of the Authority and can shine on his own. Taking time as a heel after his explosive work with the face Shield will allow his body to mend a bit while they position him for a secondary title. He’s traded his TAC gear for a nice suit and a supervilain costume, and will still be fun to watch.

Ambrose: I will reiterate here what I’ve told a lot of others since Ambrose’s HWA days: He. is. bat. house. nuts. This comfortable place that the “lunatic fringe” of the Shield was busted up by the man who can’t be trusted trusts. Now the WWE universe will see just HOW crazy Ambrose can be. His Pillman-esque civilian garb and “mad crazy chaotic neutral” will earn him fans.

Reigns: The powerhouse of the Shield tweeted after that night, “Trust is Dead to me.” The big dog of the team is now a lone wolf, with no one to watch his back. He doesn’t NEED the backup, but it helps in the numbers game. Reign’s surprising charisma and badass aura in the ring is something WWE really wants to get the machine behind. This is the one guy on the team that the gals fall for (coughcoughTristacough) and what guys aspire to be. The gimmick of Reigns’ “Loaded fists” (“Lock and load” for the Superman punch and the simple gesture of “holstering his fist” after matches) deserves more love. He doesn’t need others to help powerbomb guys, and his Spear OF DEATH still gets a rise from the crowd. His superhero-esque stature should make his older brother proud(you might remember another Samoan Superhero from the mid-2000s). The only one of the team to keep his “Gear”, he stands to profit a push up the ladder (MitB?) and top gold sooner than later.

This was a team done right. Now that we’ve seen what they could do together, get comfortable to see what they do on their own!

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