North American Wrestling Connection presented by #330

(Recorded on June 27, 2014)
Production code #804

Nikki Heyman finally finds her way back to NAWC and walks into some BAD NEWS about Barrett’s injury, Vickie Guerrero’s bittersweet send-off, Josh Matthews out the door and the EVIL BOSS DR LEVESQUE’s plan(s) for Money in the Bank! This, plus pickems and a wild Daniel Bryan sighting for this week’s edition of NAWC! Click HERE for all the madness!

Show host: Nikki Heyman
Show producer: Jim Williams
Show panelists: Shane “Bad News” Beaman, Josh Henninger, and Ethan Musulin

(Show Note: Apologies for this being put up a few weeks after it got recorded, but there’s been some real life situations happening over the past month with a few of us.)

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