North American Wrestling Connection #338

NAWC 2014 600px
(Recorded on August 22, 2014)
Production code #812

Nikki Heyman returns to the hosting chair as she and her panel recap Summerslam and the rest of WWE’s week in programming. They’ll also discuss how JBL made a few members in the IWC mad, including one of our main members, and they’ll talk about where they think WWE goes from here with a part-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Also discussed is the situation with Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio and AAA/WWE. How ugly did it get? Find out. Also, some TNA news gets throw into the mix as well, as Spike’s extended their deal to the end of the year. What does this mean, especially now that it’s been moved to a more safer day of the week? Click HERE to find out all the answers as the NAWC embarks on a mission to episode #350 in November.

Show host: Nikki Heyman
Show producer: Carl Chenier
Show panelists: Sean “VRM” Andrese, Jason Block, Jim Williams

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