Touch ‘Em All #65 – Season 4 Premiere!

(Recorded on April 19, 2015)

We’re two weeks into the regular season and we have plenty to talk about.

The Mets are playing like champions and the Cubs are pleasantly surprising.  The Tigers and Royals are duking it out in the AL Central while no one wants to take control in either the AL East or AL West.  Plus, Alex Rodriguez is hitting, Josh Hamilton may be sitting and fans at Wrigley Field had trouble…well, going number 2 during their home opener.

Plus, we’ll offer up a look at some of the more unique concession offerings at ballparks around the nation and offer up our season’s first “Guess the Scouting Report” and “Minute of Minutiae” from D.C. Lundberg.

So, sit back, relax and get ready for two hours of baseball talk with host Jim Williams and panelists Jason Block, J.D. Hernandez and newcomer (to this podcast anyway) Brian Henegar.  Click HERE to “Touch ‘Em All”!

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