Touch ‘Em All #69 – Midseason Special

(Recorded on July 12, 2015)

To make up for how short baseball games have been this year, clw83 offers up a supersized midseason edition of “Touch ‘Em All”.  Host Jim Williams welcomes J.D. Hernandez, Mike Klauss, Jason Block, Chico Alexander and Ian McLinn for over 2 and a half hours of baseball discussion.  In the first half of the show, J.D. updates us on his tour of MLB ballparks, a tour which both Mike and Ian got to apart of.  Those assembled will tackle the big news of the last two weeks including Ryne Sandberg’s resignation in Philadelphia, key injuries to some of baseball’s top stars and the changes to the Home Run Derby.  And, then the crew gives out their midseason awards.  Get primed for baseball’s second half by listening to our midseason T’EA podcast HERE.

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