Touch ‘Em All #71

(Recorded on September 3, 2015)

Welcome to the Pennant Chase!  Jason Hernandez and Chico Alexander  join Jim Williams for the first of our weekly “Pennant Chase” editions of “Touch ‘Em All” where we spend the first portion of the show talking about, what else, the pennant chase!  Two no-hitters were thrown by contending teams and we’ll break them down.  Plus, which series should you be watching over the next few days and who might make a move in the standings?  We’ll offer some answers.  In baseball broadcasting, Vinny’s coming back, Don Orsillo’s getting hosed in Beantown, Curt Schilling’s idiotic tweet costs him valuable air time and Jessica Mendoza makes history at ESPN.  Plus, Chase Utley leaves for the west coast, tragedy strikes at a Braves/Yankees game and Toronto fans bring a hockey tradition to baseball.  All that and more on the season’s first “Touch ‘Em All” Pennant Chase episode HERE!

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