North American Wrestling Connection #405

NAWC1000x200(Recorded on January 1, 2016)

Happy New Year! 2016 begins under the updated SpectrumOne brand for Nikki Heyman‘s podcast filled with wrestling talk and doofusity. Nikki has Jason Block, “VRM“, Brian Henegar, and Jim Williams recapping the final 2 Raw and Smackdowns of 2015, plus they’ll look at a few lists that’ll recap best and worst of events, including mutual friend Justin Henry on a piece he did for WrestleCrap

They’ll also look ahead to the Royal Rumble and the first quarter of 2016 for WWE, plus the “mandatory” TNA news as it begins it’s full run on the Pop network. Also, an announcement will be made by Nikki at some point about next week’s show. You’ll want to listen to ALL of it to find out what it is!

MP3 Download Link: HERE

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