Touch ‘Em All #77 – Hot Stove 2015-16 Part 2

TEA1000x200(Recorded on January 20, 2016)

The Hot Stove is simmering nicely despite the upcoming snow for our northeast correspondents and host.  We look back at the big offseason moves and see which ones are winners and which ones are losers.  Also, there are two new Hall of Famers while notable names from the PED era actually gain ground on this year’s ballots.  Pete Rose isn’t gaining ground when it comes to Cooperstown, but he is going to be enshrined in a Hall of Fame close to home.  All that plus a rousing round of “eBay Price is Right” and more with host Jim Williams and panelists Jessica Brand, D.C. Lundberg and Jason Block on the first “Hot Stove” edition of “Touch ‘Em All” for 2016.

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