Touch ‘Em All Extra Bases #9 – Interview with Cubs’ announcer Pat Hughes

(Recorded on February 3, 2016)

In a special “Extra Bases” edition of “Touch ‘Em All”, Jim Williams talks with the radio voice of the Chicago Cubs, Pat Hughes, who in addition to his broadcasting duties is the creator “Baseball Voices”, a CD series that honors baseball’s greatest announcers.

In this half hour interview, Jim and Pat talk about how the Cubs went from the bottom of the NL Central to a playoff contender in a short time, how the team’s offseason moves bolster an already good ball club and the lay of the land across the National League Central. Also, Pat recalls his times with three baseball greats in his “Baseball Voices” series that he was fortunate enough to call not only colleagues but friends: Bob Uecker, Harry Caray and Ron Santo.

To learn more about Pat Hughes’ “Baseball Voices” series and to purchase any of his CDs or books in the series, go to or call 847-867-3682.

MP3 Download Link: HERE

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