Touch ‘Em All #84

(Recorded on July 5, 2016)

How hot have the Indians been? Guest host D.C. Lundberg and the round table featuring Jason Block, Jessica Brand, Jason Hernandez & Jon Miller discuss their recent run and their chances of running away with the Central division. And the Dodgers are going to be without the services of a certain pitcher for at least two weeks. (Hint: It’s not Kip Gross.) How will the Dodgers fare in his absence?

In addition, the All-Star rosters have been announced; the gang tells you just exactly who SHOULD be the starting for each team. Busch Stadium is hosting Pooches in the Park Day, and the panel sounds off on their thoughts on this promotion, as well as some of the other bizarre promotions in baseball history, both hilarious, awful and hilariously awful. And speaking of hilariously awful, why will the New York Mets pay an annual salary to Bobby Bonilla for the next 19 years? And will we be bombarded with complaints from Mets fans for talking about it on the air?

Also, we present to you a very nice story about Mike Trout and his high school sweetheart. We also go over the standings thus far, in addition to Guess the Scouting Report, Jess’ Juxtaposition Trivia and the Minute of Minutiae. And finally, Jon shares one of his funnier umpiring stories.

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