Touch ‘Em All #88

(Recorded on September 10, 2016)

You really got me, now. You got me so I don’t know what I’m doin’. Or not… After guest host D.C. Lundberg goes off-script while introducing guests Jason Block, Jessica Brand & Davin Tackett, the gang discusses pennant race baseball. Amid the Mets’ recent hot streak, do they have a chance to advance to postseason play or possibly even take the NL East? Also, we have our first team officially eliminated. (With more to come very soon.) The panel anticipates very boring updates to the NL Central from here on out, if not calling a winner on the next show. On the flip side, the NL West is a good old fashioned Dodgers/Giants race, and Brooklynite Jason Block doesn’t hold back in demonstrating his true feelings toward “Dem Bums.”

Which team will come out ahead? The AL East has become closer since the last show; the same cannot be said of the AL Central or West, however, and the panel also talks about the Wild Card races. In addition, Clayton Kershaw returns from the DL to bolster the Dodgers’ rotation. How did he fare in his first start back? And how badly did the Dodgers do in his absence? Also which Heisman Trophy winning quarterback has signed a minor league baseball contract? And is it merely a publicity stunt or a legitimate shot at playing Major League Baseball one day? The crew discusses four-strikeout innings and other baseball oddities, and discusses umpiring. Again.

We also bring back our nameless New Segment, Guess the Scouting Report returns after a week off, Jess’ Juxtaposition Trivia and the Minute of Minutiae. And D.C. closes with a painfully old reference.

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