Touch ‘Em All #112

(Recorded on May 2 and 4, 2018)

Take three!! After some false starts, D.C. Lundberg and his panel of Jason Hernandez, Ian McLinn & first-time guest Frank Cardoza begin by discussing a baseball resurgence in Oakalnd, topped off by Sean Manaea’s no-hitter against the Red Sox, which J.D. trying to usurp D.C.’s position of host on this program. The Red Sox’s slide is also discussed; what happened to them? Did the league figure them out, or did being no-hit just take all the wind out of their sails? The gang also discusses their biggest surprises and disappointments in each league. Who had done what and how to surprise and disappoint our analysts? Which manager had to hop on the Manger’s Carousel? The answer will not shock you. We discuss his tenure with his team and the team’s prospects for the near future.

Also discussed is the beginning of next season, as it was announced that the 2019 Major League season will begin overseas. Which teams are going to play where? Speaking of Japan, what’s going on with Ichiro? We also have new editions of Guess the Scouting Report & Call to the Hall.

In addition, why was this episode recorded over the course of two days? In any case, Jon Miller does join us for the portion we recorded on Friday.

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