Touch ‘Em All #113

(Recorded on May 20, 2018)

After the announcer gives host Jason Hernandez a somewhat backhanded introduction, J.D. goes bilingual on us mientras presenta a los panelistas Taylor Blake Ward, Jason Block, y D.C. Lundberg (que esta enfermo con un resfriado) en español. The gang has two no-hitters to discuss, each of which took place in a different country.

First of all, Los Dodgers’ combined no-no againts Los Padres in Monterrey, México. Viva México!! Viva Los Dodgers!! In addition, James Paxton’s dominance of the Blue Jays in his native land, which followed another dominating performance in his prior start [in which he was pulled early and which the bullpen blew sky high]. O, Canada!

After the standings are updated, the crew discusses why the Yankees are so hot at this time and the race between them and the Red Sox in the American League East. Also, where are those two teams going to take their bitter rivalry next season? And are Harry & Megan going to be in attendance? And will they enjoy a spot of tea & a crumpet during the match? Albert Pujols further validates his candidacy for the Hall of Fame by accumulating his 3,000th hit.

The crew discusses this, along with his brilliant career. The gang then talks about someone who has completely invalidated his candidacy for the Hall of Fame in the latest edition of This Week in Suspensions. D.C. pulls no punches and may have set a “bleeps per minute” record for this program (NOTE: The person being bleeped, the person editing the show & doing the bleeping, and the person writing this are the same person.)

Moving on very quickly from the above profanity-laced tirade by a certain overly excited panelist, 19-year-old Juan Soto was called up AA ball to join the Nationals’ Major League roster. After this, the upcoming amateur draft and the prospects therein are discussed. Along with the touching way in which Steven Piscotty and the Oakland Athletics are honoring Piscotty’s late mother, who passed away from ALS a few weeks ago and Steven’s heroics on Mother’s Day. All this, along with a new edition of Call to the Hall.

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