Touch ‘Em All #115

(Recorded on July 15, 2018)

Jason Hernandez hosts this edition of “Touch ’em All” and welcomes D.C. Lundberg, Joe Van Ginkel & Jason Block for the annual All-Star show. However, the gang first goes for a ride on the Manager’s Carousel for the first time this season. They discuss the managerial change in St. Louis, what may have influenced the decision to go in another direction, and also trudge up some of the Cardinals’ recent issues.

The division races are recapped and each one is analyzed. Which team has the edge in each division? How are the Wild Card races shaping up? And just how bad are the Orioles? And where the hell will Manny Machado wind up prior to the trading deadline?

The All-Star rosters have been announced, but did the voters get the starting line ups correct? Which deserving players were left off the All-Star rosters? And who exactly did D.C. and J.D. pick as the starters for each league? And just how weak is the Home Run Derby Field?

Chase Utley has announced his retirement from the game. The crew discuss their thoughts on his career and J.D. recalls one of his favorite stories.

Finally, J.D. brings back a segment from last week wherein he shares his favorite radio call from the past week.

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