Touch ‘Em All #123 – Hot Stove Edition

(Recorded on January 4, 2019)

The Hot Stove edition of “Touch ‘Em All” is upon us! Host D.C. Lundberg along with Jason Hernandez and Chico Alexander discuss the Hall of Fame Veterans Committee and the results of their voting. Who got in? Who was snubbed? And why wasn’t Paul Sorrento on the ballot? Manny Machado and Bryce Harper still have yet to find teams willing to pay them the exorbitant amount of money they think they deserve.

The gang discusses where they may land and what has teams hesitant of signing them. Also, what are the Marlins going to do with J.T. Realmuto? The Mariners are in complete fire sale mode. (That is not a typo, for those who thought that should have read “Marlins.”) Who’d they get rid of? Who’d they get in return? And has D.C. fully recovered? Only time can heal certain wounds.

We board the Manager’s Carousel to tell you who got the axe and who replaced them. Which of the new manager’s has the best chance for success? Finally, in more depressing Mariners news, Safeco Field has morphed in to a T-Mobile store, complete with gaudy pink lighting. Could this new motif cause fans to vomit? Could it also cause seizures? Be sure to wear your shades next time you visit the corner of Edgar and Dave. Also, WTF Blake Snell?! Like, OMG!!

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