We Love to Interrupt #136

(Recorded on February 28, 2018)

Survivor starts up, a Jeopardy! champ goes down, the boys get glammed before making it rain, and also a night at the theatre. No it’s not another game-show filled trip.

Wait, yeah it is. It’s the next installment of the World’s Strongest Game Show Podcast!

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NAWC #479

(Recorded on June 23, 2017)

Another MitB in the books amid controversy, supposed misogyny, and a lot of broken furniture at casa de Jason for the results. We have the happy return of Maria Kanellis and her milquetoast husband Mike “I had to take my wife’s last name” Kanellis, some legends appearances, and more goodness of Fashion Vice. Meanwhile on Raw, who knew “Just Joe” would become such an enormous insult! Nikki Heyman celebrates Seth Rollins’ WWE 2K18 cover reveal and AWESOME commercial to lauch the new game season. This and Much, much more!

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NAWC #477 – 10 Year Anniversary/Season 11 Premiere!

(Recorded on June 8, 2017)

As Extreme Rules brings out a new #1 contender for Lesnar at the horribly-named, upcoming Great Balls of Fire PPV, Miz seems overwhelmed with paranoia when there’s a HappyScaryDean about. Enzo tries some bigger backup when he sees his best buddy Big Cass down for the count. Lana shows up on SD to underwhelming results but actually gets to fight NAomi before MitB? Also, Cena speaks his mind(Man the BS meter) and WWE Talks “how NOT to be like on Social Media”. Nikki hopes Kurt and Corey attended that class too.

All that plus more as the NAWC officially hits the 10 year mark.

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NAWC #476 – Season 10 Finale!

(Recorded on June 2, 2017)

Not the strongest of weeks for some WWE Superstars, as somehow Rock fails to save at the box office and Alexa Bliss fails at comedy. More mystery and intrigue with Corey Graves and Kurt Angle – what in the world had Dorkboy all worked up? Is Corey really helping him? Doesn’t Angle enough have to worry about when one of his most popular talkers is getting ambushed week after week and his main event match for Extreme Rules includes a demon, a cult leader, two wild Samoans and an Architect? Not to be outdone, SDL wants to bring another “First!” with the announcement of the first EVER Womens’ MitB! Nikki and the gang will get this all sorted out for you.

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NAWC #474

(Recorded on May 18, 2017)

With Braun Strowman out of the Universal Title picture, Raw GM Kurt Angle has a few others who are interested in dethroning Brock Lesnar. Raw starts is assembling for Extreme Rules while Smackdown Live! Prepares for the Backlash! We’re leading up to a fine weekend of wrestling, with an NXT Takeover to warm up the crowd for a unique Sunday card where the artist formerly known as the “Fun one” of 3MB is getting a chance at the WWE title against Randy Orton. Join Nikki Heyman and the usual suspects as they “. . . dive” into another week of wrestling news!

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NAWC #473

(Recorded on May 11, 2017)

While WWE thrills the European crowds, a couple in Washington state say “YES YES YES” to their new daughter Birdie. Maybe someday this little girl will be part of another Women’s revolution as the Womens’ divisions are getting their very own tournament! Plus, Strowman’s not so invincible, R-Truth getting a Network show, and what happens when an A-lister and the Deanarchist run Raw? Nikki Heyman and company’s got you covered!

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NAWC #470

(Recorded on April 21, 2017)

Nikki Heyman remembers the life and career of Matt “Rosey” Anoa’i on this week’s episode along with news on Mick Foley, Dash Wilder, Impact Wrestling’s new working agreement with AAA, and thoughts on why the heck did WWE decide to go with Jinder Mahal to challenge for the WWE Championship.

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NAWC #469

(Recorded on April 13, 2017)

Nikki Heyman and crew will talk about the Superstar Shakeup week in WWE, plus they will get into a serious discussion on the JBL/Mauro incident, plus make fun of Impact Wrestling along with the other usual silliness that is the NAWC.

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