Touch ‘Em All #123 – Hot Stove Edition

January 5, 2019

(Recorded on January 4, 2019) The Hot Stove edition of “Touch ‘Em All” is upon us! Host D.C. Lundberg along with Jason Hernandez and Chico Alexander discuss the Hall of Fame Veterans Committee and the results of their voting. Who got in? Who was snubbed? And why wasn’t Paul Sorrento on the ballot? Manny Machado and Bryce Harper still have yet to find teams willing to pay them the exorbitant…


Touch ‘Em All #116

September 5, 2018

(Recorded on September 4, 2018) Three cast members in one room? Yes, three cast members in one room. Since Jason Hernandez was visiting the Seattle area, he and area natives D.C. Lundberg & Jon Miller congregated at the Miller house to produce a very special “recorded live” episode. (With that, we apologize for the echo you’ll hear in this episode. The three were sharing one microphone and the audio engineer…


Touch ‘Em All #115

(Recorded on July 15, 2018) Jason Hernandez hosts this edition of “Touch ’em All” and welcomes D.C. Lundberg, Joe Van Ginkel & Jason Block for the annual All-Star show. However, the gang first goes for a ride on the Manager’s Carousel for the first time this season. They discuss the managerial change in St. Louis, what may have influenced the decision to go in another direction, and also trudge up…

July 16, 2018

Touch ‘Em All #114

July 8, 2018

(Recorded on July 7, 2018) After Tripp Swinton helps us catch up on the last month and a half from the SpectrumOne News Center, host D.C. Lundberg and panelists Jason Hernandez, Chico Alexander & Jessica Brand discuss the Seattle Mariners bringing back Turn Ahead the Clock Night. Speaking of the Mariners, they’ve been doing pretty well just how have they been able to sustain their hot streak, and how is…


Touch ‘Em All #113

(Recorded on May 20, 2018) After the announcer gives host Jason Hernandez a somewhat backhanded introduction, J.D. goes bilingual on us mientras presenta a los panelistas Taylor Blake Ward, Jason Block, y D.C. Lundberg (que esta enfermo con un resfriado) en espaƱol. The gang has two no-hitters to discuss, each of which took place in a different country. First of all, Los Dodgers’ combined no-no againts Los Padres in Monterrey,…

May 21, 2018

Touch ‘Em All #112

(Recorded on May 2 and 4, 2018) Take three!! After some false starts, D.C. Lundberg and his panel of Jason Hernandez, Ian McLinn & first-time guest Frank Cardoza begin by discussing a baseball resurgence in Oakalnd, topped off by Sean Manaea’s no-hitter against the Red Sox, which J.D. trying to usurp D.C.’s position of host on this program. The Red Sox’s slide is also discussed; what happened to them? Did…

May 5, 2018

Touch ‘Em All #111

(Recorded on April 15, 2018) Our first brawl of the season took place in Coors Field, followed only a few hours later by our second brawl, this one a good old fashioned Yankees/Red Sox pier sixer in Fenway. Host Jason Hernandez welcomes Jason Block, Jessica Brand and D.C. Lundberg to discuss what lead to each fight, the fights themselves, and the fallout. The M-E-T-S- Mets! Mets! Mets! have been smoking…

April 16, 2018

Touch ‘Em All #110 – Season 7 Premiere!

(Recorded on March 30, 2018) The seventh season of “Touch ‘Em All” kicks off with our annual Season Preview show. Host D.C. Lundberg welcomes Jason Hernandez, Jason Block and Ian McLinn, later joined by Taylor Blake Ward and Jessica Brand, who Jason Block dubbed “the Human Elias Sports Bureau.” Division races and Wild Cards are discussed, along with a bold prediction from each panelist. And did Commissioner Rob Manfred actually…

March 31, 2018

Touch ‘Em All #109 – Season 6 Finale!

(Recorded on February 11, 2018) The sixth season concludes [three and a half months after the World Series ended] with our World Series wrap-up. Just exactly how did the Astros pull it off? And has J.D. recovered? All this is explored by host D.C. Lundberg, Jason Block & Jessica Brand. The crew also discuss a little Hot Stove action, begin to set up the upcoming 2018 season, talk about who…

February 12, 2018

Touch ‘Em All #104

(Recorded on August 24, 2017) Smackdown in Motown! We discuss the brouhaha at Comerica Park between the Yankees & Tigers, plus the potential fallout. Also, the Seattle Mariners have finally retired another uniform number. Who’s was it? Clue: It wasn’t Giomar Guevara. The panel discusses the on-field ceremony, plus this player’s chances to enter the Hall of Fame. The gang also discusses potential playoff contenders as we get closer to…

August 24, 2017

Touch ‘Em All #98 – Season 6 Premiere!

(Recorded on April 3, 2017) As our very own Jason Block likes to say, “All is right with the world,” because baseball is back! And so is “Touch ‘Em All,” as we begin our 6th season. Host D.C. Lundberg, Jason Block, Jessica Brand & Jason Hernandez talk about exactly what the heck they think is going to happen in ’17, lament the state of pitching in Major League Baseball, and…

April 4, 2017

Touch ‘Em All #89

(Recorded on September 16, 2016) Cubs win the division! Cubs win the division! They are the first team to clinch their division, which is discussed by guest host D.C. Lundberg and a panel of Jason Block, Jessica Brand, Davin Tackett & Jason Hernandez, along with the other division races as we inch closer to the end of the regular season. And why was the Padres general manager suspended? How does…

September 17, 2016

Touch ‘Em All #88

(Recorded on September 10, 2016) You really got me, now. You got me so I don’t know what I’m doin’. Or not… After guest host D.C. Lundberg goes off-script while introducing guests Jason Block, Jessica Brand & Davin Tackett, the gang discusses pennant race baseball. Amid the Mets’ recent hot streak, do they have a chance to advance to postseason play or possibly even take the NL East? Also, we…

September 11, 2016

Touch ‘Em All #87

(Recorded on September 2, 2016) Getting into September, the Chicago Cubs are clubulating the rest of the National League. Just how hot have they been? And why has that been happening? Other division and Wild Card races are discussed by host D.C. Lundberg, Jess Brand, Jason Hernandez, Jon Miller and first-time guest Davin Tackett. And was Yasiel Puig really claimed off waivers? Well, yes, but why isn’t he changing teams?…

September 3, 2016