Down The Tubes

(March 2012 – January 2015, July 2019 – present)

What began as a segment on “The CL Files” in 2011 with Carl Chenier and Lance Jones turned into it’s own show called “Down the Tubes” in 2012. After 2 1/2 series, real life got in the way for Carl, Jim Williams, and Tom Delgado and the 36th episode recorded in January 2015 was thought to be the last.

In 2016, The website changed names and Carl decided to reboot the series giving it a new title of “SpecRiffs”. The premise was to run 10 episodes of old CL FIiles and Down the Tubes riffs, then make a new series with all new original material.

Jim’s untimely passing changed all those plans in 2017. Carl would then shelve the project for two years until May 2019 when he decided to reboot the series in conjunction with the July 2019 website change. He also decided to take SpecRiffs and merge the material into what will be the rest of series 3 of Down the Tubes.

Series 4 is set to debut in January 2020 with Carl introducing new material and new presenters.