June 8, 2007 – present

June 2007 – September 2007 (North-South Wrestling Connection)
September 2007 – March 2008 (East-West Wrestling Connection)
March 2008 – May 2011; August 2014 – present (North American Wrestling Connection)
May 2011 – August 2014 (North American Wrestling Connection presented by

This wrestling news-based podcast is the longest running that 8Three Studios has in their list of shows and runs a full season of shows each year.

It began on June 8, 2007 as the North-South Wrestling Connection on BlogTalkRadio with original show hosts Cyndi “Robert Q.” Seidelman and Carl Chenier.

In September of that year, Nikki Heyman became the new co-host and the show moved to a new account and a name change to the East-West Wrestling Connection.

The show would change names again in 2008 to the North American Wrestling Connection. Cyndi would step down as host in May 2010 and passed the reigns over to Nikki, who implanted a “me and three” rule where she was the first to implement a rotating panel.

The show would rejoin it’s original BTR account in February 2011  and moved to the website along with the rest of the shows in early 2012 and became a pure podcast format. In 2019, the season format changed from June-May to the week after WrestleMania until the next one.

Season 15 is in progress.

Show Staff: (Will update soon)

Nikki Heyman
2nd co-host from 2007-2010, Show host since 2010

Jason Block
Panelist since 2009, content manager since 2010, Main show recorder/producer, occasional guest host

Carl Chenier
Original co-host in 2007, Panelist since 2009, backup show producer/recorder since 2011, occasional guest host

Josh “Stat Boy” Henninger
Panelist since 2008, Keeper of Pick ‘Ems, Posted episode links on Freakin’ Awesome Network for a few years.

Panelist since 2008, Keeps Pick ‘Ems when Josh is unavailable, audio technician since 2017


Panelist since 2013, inactive since 2019

Shane “Bad News” Beaman
Panelist since 2013

Tom Delgado
Panelist 2012-2016

Panelist since 2008, inactive since 2018

Brian Henegar
Panelist since 2011

Ethan Musulin
Panelist 2011-2017

“Daydreamin” Dan Reynolds
Panelist 2016-2018

Cyndi Seidelman
Original co-host from 2007-2010, Panelist since 2011, Livecap contributor

Trista Timson
Panelist 2008-2017

Panelist since 2008, inactive since 2019

Chris “CM” Waters
Panelist since 2013, inactive since 2019

Dave “Sidekick” Weimer
Panelist 2013-2015

Jim Williams
Panelist and audio technician from 2010-2016, backup recorder/producer, occasional guest host, posted episode links on (Passed away in 2017)

List of Special Guests: (Incomplete List)

“Super Oprah” Jabari Hawthorne
Johnny Bad Wheelz
Joel Gertner
Benjamin “BTuckerTorch” Tucker

Rob Van Dam
Matt “Rosey” Anoa’i
Brian Zane

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