Site Updates

Update 2/3/2022:

Changed website layout, put notice on the side of the page about recent events. More info soon.

Update 2/21/2021:

Site theme overhauled to a different design, updates will now be on it’s own page.

Update 1/10/2021:

Due to recent work issues, I’ve been forced to put the Vault unveiling on hold for a little bit. It’s currently being worked on off the server and will be put up soon. Also doing some clean up work on the site and server to free some space up.

Update 12/13/2020:

Getting things ready for 2021 with a few minor edits to a few pages. List of shows to be featured in the Vault will be unveiled in a week or so.

Update 11/29/2020:

After recent events, I’ve been forced to take down several items on the site, including an old podcast. No more details will be given at this time. Our Vault page is also updated slightly with changes planned for 2021.

Update 9/10/2020:

Theme changed to a more streamlined one.

Update 9/5/2020:

Links on various WLTI episodes have been updated and fixed with proper ad placement where needed. Seasons 8 and 9 pages now available on WLTI page.

Update 8/14/2020:

Blog portion has been restored. Link is on the left side and it will show recent all shows as recently posted.

Update 8/11/2020:

WLTI section now has episodes reposted from seasons 1-3, some broken links have been fixed on other parts of the site.

Update 8/9/2020:

In the process of fixing broken links, reverted back to a prior layout due to posts not showing up properly, working on getting some podcasts uploaded in a timely manner. Stay tuned.

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